Krystian Truth Czaplicki

Reply to where the wild straberrise grow

Reply to where the wild straberrise grow is a paraphrase of the title of one of Ingmar Bergmans most personal films. In the film, being a study of him, the barely 37 year old Bergman created a character who thoroughly described himself egotistical and closed off, separating himself from others, a truly unhappy man.

The role of the main character, Professor Borg, was played by the legendary Swedish director Victor Sjöström, in which, Bergman saying so himself, he seized the screenplay by including his own experiences: misery, misanthropy, alienation, brutality, sadness, fear, loneliness, coldness, warmth, roughness, and the blues.

Today, all these emotions and feelings can be found in the memory of the average smartphone, equipped with numerous applications to communicate content and emotion. This multifunctional device, facilitating the organization of modern man, is the central theme of the exhibition of Krystian Truth Czaplicki, who for several years has been focusing his artistic research in the area of the fluidity of the human psyche.

The installation Reply to where the wild straberrise grow consists of a sequence of five identical modules shelves, on which the same items are placed, the majority being brand new: smart phones, headphones, car chargers, electric toothbrushes, and lipsticks - all these things are involved in the process of conversation, or help to build its background.

The matter shaping the exhibition is the supposed dialogue, being, on the one hand, a process of an official, pragmatic, and dynamic exchange of ideas and content, and on the other, a dialogue achieved at an intimate level, associated with a specific kind of exhibitionism.

This multiplied sequence of objects encloses in a form the truth about the modern way of expressing emotions and creates a feeling that is distanced and cold; however, in it it's easy to see the frailty, which stems from the fact that it provides a medium for the subtlest of human affairs and ideas.

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