Sebastian Sebulec


  • Broad shoulders, bulging muscles, and fur – on the back, on the abdomen, under the armpits. At first sight, the caricaturally exaggerated attributes of “hunks” and “studs” seem to confirm the gender binarity. But the fur starts growing over the whole body, assuming an unnatural colour, and from between the legs there emerge horns and tails. Man turns into a fantastic creature that crosses over the boundaries of species and gender.
    • In his latest series of works, Sebastian Sebulec takes a look at pop-cultural exemplars of masculinity, filtered through the aesthetics of fan-art renderings of RPG warriors, anime characters, or anthropomorphic human-animal hybrids of the furry fandom. The works have been produced specially for the Project Room space as part of a series of presentations of young Polish artists. The Project Room 2020 programme, which has already seen shows by Kornelia Dzikowska, Jan Baszak, Adelina Cimochowicz, and Piotr Baruch, will conclude later this year with an exhibition of Marek Wodzisławski.
  • Sebastian Sebulec (b. 1988) studied Animated Film at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He works with 3D graphics, animation, and game engines; he pays particular attention to the figures of virtual companions, avatars, and guides. He is also inspired by the culture and aesthetics of online fandoms. Author of the project † Polska 3d †. He often collaborates with other artists, creating, for example, animations for stage shows or films.
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  • Online opening
    • 26/11–10/12/2021
  • Opening
    • 02/02/2021
  • Exhibition on view through
    • 14/02/2021
  • Announcement of {Project Room} 2020 Awards
    • 06/04/2021
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