Sebastian Sebulec


For the creatures you are going to see, the Internet is a natural habitat. Some of them come from Sebulecs constantly updated archive of illustrations by various authors from the golden era of DeviantArt. Others have been modelled by him in 3D quite recently. The animated hair seems to live its own life, independent of the organisms it grows on.

For the sake of the exhibition Fur at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Arts Project Room, Sebulec decided to bring his virtual creatures over to the material world. His plans were thwarted by a scenario seemingly straight from fanfic: a global pandemic. Waiting for the physical gallery space to be reopened for the public, we are pleased to present three teasers of Fur. These bring together Sebulecs inspirations, models, and his experiments with textures of materials and tissues that do not appear in nature. The teasers present the shows three protagonists and their metamorphoses, which they undergo prior to their ultimate materialization in the Project Room.

Used in the soundtrack, the song Fursona has been recorded specially for the occasion by Rock AngelZ, a girlZband whose line-up includes Adzia, Gocha, Grace, Jacub, Karcia, Lisia, Maresz, Mei, and Zocha, who together produce some real Music. Coming soon.

  • Online opening
    • 26/1110/12/2021
  • Opening
    • 02/02/2021
  • Exhibition on view through
    • 14/02/2021
  • Announcement of {Project Room} 2020 Awards
    • 06/04/2021
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