exhibition from the Project Room series

Yolik Nal

The Multiverse

  • Yolik Nal’s emotions, intuitions, and interests are materialized in the form of visually attractive areas, dimensions, and possibilities that seem to open up within her paintings and ceramics. Her distinct style is based upon impressive figurative and realistic painting skills, and simultaneously shaped by and saturated with emotion. The artist’s realistic and metaphysical style developed naturally over the years. Thanks to her well-developed painting skills, she can express herself freely. She likes to work in large formats, and in recent years “reaches out into space” by also employing ceramic forms that are often complementary to the paintings, but can also function independently. In her originally-shaped ceramics, the artist consciously exposes the potentiality of decorativeness and beauty.
    • Yolik's work is an artistic expression of her longstanding reflection on the nature of reality, and in particular the quantum physicists’ intuitions about the existence of the multiverse and the auto-simulation of reality—i.e. the potential existence of various other dimensions of the here and now. This idea is reflected in the design of the exhibition, whose different sections refer to different perceptions of reality. The focal point of the show is a tree – the universal, but simultaneously singular symbol common to many cultures, which frequently carries different meanings.
  • The artist invites us into an elusive, and yet expressive world of painting and ceramics, and it is impossible to react with indifference. Her well-developed painting technique and provocatively feminine and beautiful ceramics offer both aesthetic satisfaction and elicit deeper reflection on the world(s) that surround us, we are a part of, and co-create.
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  • Opening
    • 13/07/2023 (Thursday), 19:00
      • Admission free.
  • Exhibition is on view through 
    • 20/08/2023
      • Admission free on Thursdays.
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