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Franciszek Orłowski. Work for Small Change. Praca za/na drobne

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to Franciszek Orłowski. Work for Small Change book launch.

The meeting's participants include: artist Franciszek Orłowski, Amy Bryzgel (a professor of film and visual culture at the University of Aberdeen, the author of Performing the East: Performance Art in Russia,Latvia and Poland since 1980 (2013) and Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960 (2017), and one of the essays in the book), Magdalena Radomska (art historian, initiator and and editor of the book), Marek Wasilewski (professor at the University of the Arts in Poznań, director of Municipal Gallery Arsenał, co-editor of the book). The discussion will be conducted by Bogna Świątkowska.

The main theme of both the publication and the artistic practice of Orłowski is the concept of work. The artist explores the place of work in a contemporary capitalist society affected by economic crisis  he addresses issues of precarity, illegal work, economic migration, poverty and homelessness. He approaches the subject of social class with social sensitivity, questioning his own position as an artist.

Admission free.
During the book launch the publication will be available at reduced price of 60 zł. The regular price is 80 zł.

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