Empathic Pedagogies

  • María Paola Malavasi L. (cc. Lola Malavasi; San José, Costa Rica)
    • Co-director of TEOR/éTica, a non-profit independent art space in San José, Costa Rica, focused on contemporary artistic practices from Central America and the Caribbean. As part of this space, she is in charge of educational and research projects, focusing on production by young artists, and rethinking cultural management and artistic education practices. She created and currently leads Alter Academia, a residency programme and formative space for young artists from Costa Rica, built on the principles of shared learning and collective processes. Her curatorial projects include Teramorfosis (2015), and Lo Escrito, Escrito Está (2016), both presented in TEOR/éTica. Alongside Miguel A. López, she curated the exhibition Virginia Pérez-Ratton. Centroamérica: deseo de lugar, MUAC-UNAM, Mexico City, 2019. With Daniela Morales, she edits Buchaca, a digital magazine that aims to preserve a critical memory on projects proposed by TEOR/éTica and its collaborators. She graduated with honours, BFA in Art History, Minor in Fashion, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2011.
  • Daniela Ramos Arias (San José, Costa Rica )
    • Visual artist, independent curator and art mediator living and working in Bergen, Norway. Founder and director of the mediation and outreach platform ART + FOLK. Daniela has been involved in several social-oriented curatorial projects that place art in unexpected spaces, such as the odds project (2013) in Odda; Ultimo Scenario (2017) at the former childrens clinic, in collaboration with the medical staff of the Haukeland Hospital in Bergen; and Nye Fortsettelser (201819), art in public space in Vaksdal. She is the Head of Education and Mediation for Bergen Assembly 2019, and is part of the MA in Curatorial Studies at the University of Bergen. An active member of the Latin American and Ibero-American network of art and education, Pedagogías Empáticas and is one of the mentees for the Kommune Mentor Programme for Cultural Producers run by the city of Bergen.
  • Marilia Loureiro (São Paulo, Brazil)
    • Curator in charge of the Casa do Povo programme, a non-profit place of memory in São Paulo, Brazil, fostering processual artistic and socially engaged practices, working in close relationship with its neighbourhood. She also worked in the curatorial core of institutions such as the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (MAM-SP), the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the Bienal de São Paulo, where she organised Des/re/organizações Afetivas, as part of the public programming of its 33rd edition. Among the autonomous spaces, she has led projects in CAPACETE (Rio de Janeiro), Ateliê397 (São Paulo), Pivô (São Paulo) and was a guest curator of Lugar a Dudas (Cali, Colombia). Marilia holds a Masters degree from MACBAs Independent Study Programme (Barcelona).
  • Aisel Wicab (Mexico City, Mexico)
    • Artist, educator and cultural manager who researches and works with a range of media: writing, drawing, video, performance and light art. She co-founded the expanded cinema group Colectivo Luz y Fuerza (2011) and was part of the international experimental film collective Trinchera Ensamble (2005-2011). For seven years she worked at Alumnos47 Foundation (2011-2018), leading the educational research area, where she designed and developed numerous social projects through contemporary art. She has shown her work and carried out workshops in public spaces, schools, cultural centres and museums in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Vienna, Slovakia, France and Spain. She is currently part of the Mexican art educators group La Hervidera, works as a resident researcher at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, and also coordinates the International Network of Empathic Pedagogies.
  • Marianna Dobkowska (Warsaw)
    • Art historian and curator of residencies, long-term research projects, and exhibitions. She treats the curatorial practice as a tool for building relations and fostering situations based on long-term collaboration, bringing together practices from the fields of visual and performing arts, education and activism. Since 2004, she has been co-developing a residency programme at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw  one of leading residency programmes in Central Europe. She has curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions and projects, including Public AIR, We Are Like Gardens, Porthos, and Akcja PRL, which were carried out in public spaces and included the active participation of wide audiences. Together with Krzysztof Łukomski, she curated a two-year long project and exhibition at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta titled Social Design for Social Living (20152016) and an exhibition-meeting at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art Gotong Royong: Things We Do Together (20172018). Currently, she is interested in the crossroads of artistic, curatorial and educational practices, and is involved in the International Network of Empathic Pedagogies.
  • Talks
    • 18/10/2019 (Friday) 18:0021:00
  • Praxis / Workshops
    (by registration only)
    • 19/10/2019 (Saturday) 12:0017:00
  • The talks and workshops will be held in English.
  • In order to participate in the workshops, please register at by sending an email titled Radical Pedagogies containing a short motivational letter and your bio, by 13/10/2019 at the latest.
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