curatorial residencies

Re–Directing: East

ReDirecting: East Curatorial Residencies is a peer-learning workshop, a curatorial seminar, extended site exploration and a research opportunity for a group of international curators-in-residence, local participants and the U–jazdowski team.

The programme defines the curatorial in a broad field. It is open to makers, thinkers and organizers who actively work on the ways art is being practiced, presented and present, in a site-specific and socially complex ways.

ReDirecting: East Curatorial Residencies project has began in June of 2013, with an intuition to cross the boundaries constructed by dominant geopolitical and cultural policies which limit the possibilities of intellectual exchange. The title was drawing attention towards regions that hitherto had rarely been present together in artists residency programs: Eastern European, central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The Warsaw’s situation in the region was not conducive to establishing such relationships, focused on western part of Europe, but even difficult between countries that border one another. Since 2016 the project has an unlimited geographically open call. Between 5 and 7 curators, artists, as well as other professionals in the field of contemporary art are invited to Warsaw. The residencies are accompanied by a seminar and study programme.

The Re-Directing: East Curatorial Residencies are co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the City of Warsaw.

Since 2013