curatorial residency: June 2013

Anna Ilchenko and Andrey Shental (Russia)

  • Anna Ilczenko 
    • is an art critic and theorist based in Moscow. She has recently completed her MA studies in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London. Also, she holds a BA in Humanities and an MA in Art History from the Russian State University for the Humanities. Over the years she has been collaborating with various for-profit and non-profit institutions such as National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Parasol Unit, Foundation for Contemporary Art, and Campoli Presti gallery in London, as well as with an independent curator Elena Zaytseva. She is a regular contributor to several Russian publications including, but not limited to, Artinfo, Artchronika, Colta and AroundArt. 
  • Andrey Shental 
    • (b. 1988) is a critic, artist and curator based between Moscow and London. He holds a BA in Art Criticism at the Moscow State University and MA in Contemporary Art at the Sothebys Institute of Art. He has worked with many organisations such as LUX archive, Cell Projects Space, as well as with an independent curator Sara Raza. Together with Joao Laia he co-curated a nomadic video-programme "Now Showing: Austerity Measures" that has travelled through London, Lisbon, Porto, Athens, Barcelona, and other cities. He is a regular contributor to several art-related publications including Artchronika, Colta, AroundArt, Theory and Practice, Art Territory and Frieze, where he publishes reviews, essays and interviews. His film and video works are usually made in an essayistic manner and are dedicated to the issue of the ‘marginal: social outcasts, repressed histories, or media by-products. His works have been shown at several exhibitions in Moscow, Tallinn and London, including Moscow Biennale for Young Art in 2008, 2010 and 2012.
  • 05/06/2013
  • ReDirecting: East Conversation # 1
    • Anna Ilchenko & Andrey Shental (Russia)
      • Presentation of changes in education and selected contemporary art institutions in Russia,through the perspective of market shock therapy.
Residency organized in frames of ReDirecting: East project and has been possible thanks to financial support of the City of Warsaw.