residency: AprilMay 2011

DEMO (Portugal)

DEMO (Dispositivo Experimental, Multidisciplinar e Orgânico)

was born in 2010, from a group of six performers who have had individual training in many different academic areas but a shared common formation in theatre made in and by CITAC (Círculo de Iniciação Teatral da Academia de Coimbra) between 2004 and 2011. Since then, they have been developing projects in performative and visual arts. Elements composing DEMO have had formal education in the plastic arts, graphic arts, communication design, theatre stage direction/interpretation, primary teaching, international relations and european studies. Members of the collective: Cheila Pereira, Cláudio Vidal, Gil MAC, José Costa [Zékinha], Margarida Cabral, Paula Rita Lourenço.