rezsidency: FebruaryApril 2021, JuneJuly 2021

Fleur Roggeman (Belgium)

Fleur Roggeman

is a visual artist and scenographer born in 1998 in Antwerp, Belgium. She has a Bachelor in Sculpting and Installation Arts and graduated from Sint Lucas Antwerp with a masters degree in 2020. With her background in sculpting and installation art and interest in scenography, she creates abstract installations that combine these two worlds. Her pieces can function in a white cube and as a scenery. 

Fleur is also founder of a music and art festival called Nectar (first edition in summer 2020 is postponed by Covid-19). With Nectar she created a platform which allows her installations to be transformed into a part of the festival. It is also a platform for other artists who want to expose their work outside a white cube and who are open for collaborations. Through working with interactive light, which reacts to sound or movement, inside her installations she accentuates the presence of the audience. The audience is part of the installation and in that way, she creates experiences.


  • Curator
    • Julia Harasimowicz
  • Coordinator
    • Katarzyna Sztarbała

Film: Marta Wódz

Residency realised with financial support from the Government of Flanders