Nadia Elamly, Amy Pekal and Fleur Roggeman

on a residency at the Ujazdowski

The first 2021 residents at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art are European artists, whose practice is based on close collaborations with local groups. What links the invited artists is an effort to change the way we look at the space around us.

Nadia Elamly, who will arrive in Warsaw in February, is a Swiss artist and feminist activist from Lausanne. Her creative methods combine different fields curatorial, text, work with the local community and collective activities in urban and digital space. In her recent projects, Elamly looks at places where private and public spheres intersect and explores the accompanying narrative and performative strategies. During her six-month residency, the artist will study such spaces in Warsaw, and through creative activities she intends to seek the means, by which they can again become hospitable and welcoming to residents. The artist's residence, curated by Julia Harasimowicz, is organised to the funding from the Pro Helvetia foundation.

Also from the beginning of February we will host the Dutch artist, Amy Pekal. The main focus of her work is deconstructing and redefining the concept of nature, which she understands as typically Western forms of knowledge formation based upon dualism and hierarchy. In her practice, Pekal draws on a feminist and posthuman approach with fieldwork, in which she seeks new ways of describing the world and humans place within it. Using artistic forms and collaboration, attempts to increase ecological responsibility and a sense of connection with nature. During her residence at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, together with curator Marianna Dobkowska, she will work on long-term projects related to collaboration with local groups. 

Fleur Roggeman from Belgium will also begin her three-month residency in February. Roggeman is a sculpturer, set designer and event producer; last year she graduated from the Sint Lucas Academy in Antwerp. The artist transforms the space bearing in mind the mood of the audience. Her installations are meant to increase body awareness and stimulate a sense of security in any environment. During her stay in Warsaw, Roggeman intends to work on the idea of Nectar festival an artistic and music event, seeking new means to experience art together during the pandemic. Flanders State of the Art supports the artists stay in Warsaw. The curator of the residence is Julia Harasimowicz.


  • Background photo: Jakub Certowicz

Nadia Elamly on a residency at Ujazdowski

Amy Pekal on a residency at Ujazdowski

Fleur Roggeman on a residency at Ujazdowski

The residency is funded thanks to financial support from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.
Residency realised with financial support from the Government of Flanders
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