residency: NovemberDecember 2020

Freya Edmondes (Wales)

Freya Edmondes/Elvin Brandhi

An improvising lyricist, sound, visual and performance artist originally from Bridgend, Wales. Her creative momentum is primed by an unfolding nomadic diligence. She has worked between Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Uganda, Senegal and across Europe. She builds aberrant beats from field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument and voice. The content of her work is context determined and priorities communication. Finding language for the ineffable nervous intensities characteristic to the historic immediate. Her performances in the group YEAH YOU is a flow of internal dialogue into the public space- improvised lyrics as a way of perception exorcism from encoded? logic and corporate jargon.

At the Smashing Wor(l)ds residency Freya collaborates with Rhéa Dally to explore the cyber-space, the dominate environment in which we socialise and to challenge the role of the user. They aim to excavate the psychosocial effect using their own stream of virtual intimacy exchange as critical recourse for analysing the immediate, trying to decipher in which mutant tense exists the disembodied subjectivity. They work with/on a-syntactical communication technology, analysing networkers aesthetic collaborations, daily efforts to make data tangible and humanise the digital whilst digitising human life.

Freya Edmondes residency is part of the Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for re/Imagining & un/Learning Vocabularies, a project financed by Creative Europe, programme by European Union.


  • Curators
    • Anna Ptak
    • Anna Czaban
  • Coordinator
    • Ewa Kozik