curatorial residency: June 2014

Lena Prents (Belarus / Germany)

Lena Prents 

is an independent art historian and curator. Having studied German at the University of Linguistics in Minsk and Art History and German Literature at the Free University of Berlin, she then worked for the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, the Bauhaus-Museum in Weimar and the Museum for Contemporary Art in Leipzig. Her work focuses on the intersections of art and exhibition practice in relation to certain socio-political discourses. From 2011-2012 for the Goethe Institut-Lithuania, Prents designed a project on art in public space in Belarus, Lithuania, Kaliningrad and Germany, Going Public: On the difficulty of a public statement, carrying it out as an art director. Lena Prents is currently working on her PhD dissertation on the socialist modernist architecture in contemporary art, and teaching at the European Humanities University in Vilnius, a Belarusian university in exile, and Brandenburg Technical University in Cottbus. She lives in Berlin.