residency: SeptemberNovember 2016

Muhammad Sibawaihi (Indonesia)

Muhammad Sibawaihi (Siba Sibawaihi)

was born in Lombok, Indonesia, in 1988. He completed his English education at the Institute of Teacher Training and Education, Mataram. After graduating from the university, he taught English at several schools. Then, in 2010, he joined Pasirputih, a community that is engaged in various creative fields and aims at fostering creativity, as well as critical and public participation. Recently, he has become the Program Director of Pasirputih and is responsible for various Pasirputihs programs, including Pasirputih Channel, Pasirputih Cinema, Berajah Aksara, KelasWah, Be-Young Art Camping, Artists Residency Program and the Pasirputih Annual Festival “Bangsal Menggawe. He studies the social life in the Pemenang area (North Lombok, Indonesia) and uses the results of this research to initiate many social activities that can be seen at: He also makes documentary films and video art projects related to various social problems in Pemenang.

The residency is carried out within the framework of the “Re-Directing: East” project co-financed by the City of Warsaw with the support from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Jakarta.