curatorial residency: SeptemberOctober 2013

Ola El-Khalidi (Jordan)

Ola El-Khalidi 

has been involved in structuring art spaces since she had been the artistic director of the Makan Art Space from 2003 until 2010, after which she decided to continue her studies in Curatorial Practice at the two-year California College of the Arts in San Francisco. One important reason to do that was to give herself some distance from the art space and her local context, and expose herself to different practices, and also allow the space to develop through the involvement of different curators and art professionals. Makan has now developed into a collective of three artists: Diala Khasawnih, Samah Hijawi, and herself, and runs projects between Amman and San Francisco and anywhere in between. The Makan Art Space was created in 2003 in Amman, Jordan, to encourage experimentation in different forms of artistic expression. Over the years, Makan has developed into a collective of friends and friends of friends working, exchanging and actively creating different spaces for their productions and building a network of artists, cultural practitioners and social activists who are interested in taking art a step further.

Residency organized in frames of ReDirecting: East project and and has been possible thanks to financial support of the City of Warsaw.