residency: NovemberDecember 2004, January 2005

Sofie Thorsen (Denmark)

Sofie Thorsen

During her stay in Warsaw, Sofie Thorsen produced another part of her long-term project Village Fig., which explores the evolution of the forms and meanings of suburban housing districts in Europe and South America. Gated Communities, or walled-in housing developments, are a phenomenon of the contemporary world. Living in a private, protected estate is becoming an increasingly popular way of life in the post-socialist city, and since the introduction of capitalism, and increasingly since the late nineties, such non-public areas are consuming more and more urban space. The exhibition The Golden Castle that Hung in the Air consisted of two slide projections and the video created based on materials Thorsen collected while visiting Warsaw's gated communities, in the course of meetings with inhabitants of these communities, security guards and Polish specialists in the field of housing development and urbanism.


  • Curator and designer of the artist book
    • Marianna Dobkowska
  • This residency and publication were supported by Austrian Institute in Warsaw and the Danish Arts Agency. The exhibition was realised in cooperation with Raster Gallery.