residency: OctoberDecember 2011

Susanne Bürner (Germany)

Susanne Bürner

creates photographs, films and conceptual books. Her works bring about notions which are associated with the very possibility of artistic expression; fleeting, but strongly culturally embedded categories such as atmosphere, mood, emptiness. In her art she often refers to the classical period in the history of cinema and photography. She pursuits a kind of psychoanalysis of the image. Not the event as such but its absence organizes the visuality of her works; the absence is accompanied by expectation, projection, speculation. The artist lives and works in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide, including London, Prague, Berlin and Paris. During her stay in Warsaw she is preparing a new work under the working title The House of One's Own. It will be a film narrative on a pre-war modernist villa in Warsaw, told from the perspective of the house, as if it was a person. The house is subject to analysis, which on the one hand, refers to the functionalist assumptions of its architects, on the other - to the unconscious content, thus the shape of the story remains a speculation.

The residency was supported by the City of Warsaw.