residency: March, NovemberDecember 2010

Tamas Kaszas (Hungary)

Tamas Kaszas

makes multi-aspect projects, usually installations, at institutes of art as well as outside of them, in cooperation with activists and individuals from outside art milieus. Kaszas seeks clear communication that engages in both contexts. In his works, he deals with subjects referencing social and spiritual utopias, questioning the scale of societies, cities and institutions in which we function, their alienated nature and lack of solidarity. 

During his residency Kaszas is working on Forrest School inspired by H.D. Thoreaus Walden. Though immersed in fiction, it is a project, which could constitute a collection of practical and metaphysical guidelines for those who decide to banish themselves from civilization and live in the forest. As Thoreau wrote, “it is not enough to know the tricks of the hunters, you must also study the poetry of the forest.


  • Coordinator
    • Marianna Dobkowska
This residency was realised with support from the International Visegrad Fundation.