residency: MarchJune 2012

Tomaš Džadoň (Slovakia)

Tomaš Džadoň

The practice of the Slovakian artist is based on acting within and towards the space; he creates mainly installations in situ. In his works one finds a lively reference to what might be the Slovakian typical or traditional. A wooden cottage becomes an artistic material, due to strong symbolism and local mythologies: the heritage of the past, a world long since gone, a homely associations of comfort, romance and ideal state. On the other hand there is panel-blockhouse architecture, representing the real and the present. In a tentative space between these poles the artists situates his interventions, refering to the historic and personal memory of the individual. Tomaš Džadoň is currently working on his PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, in the studio of Monogramista T.D. He has also initiated a long-term project Politics of Art in Public Space in Bratislava.

The residency has been supported by Visegrad Fund and by the City of Warsaw.