residency: OctoberDecember 2011

Vaclav Magid (Czech Republic)

Vaclav Magid

is an artist, curator and art critic based in Prague. Most of the recent works of Václav Magid are dedicated to the theme which could be widely described as the contradiction between theory and praxis. His interest is focused on the places or situations where the friction occurs between our ideals, believes and attitudes on the one hand and our behavior, habits and passions on the other in other words, where our conduct is determined by powers external to our will, and our identity as autonomous subjects reveals its illusory nature. Magid explores this topic in various ways, from writing and illustrating quasi-historical narratives about the failure of the avant-garde project of mixing art and life to the long term monitoring of his own everyday practices interwoven with little banal failures and discrepancies.

This residency is supported by the Visegrad Fund in the frames of Visegrad Artist Residency Program.