The power of national form?

Stanisław from Warta Szukalski

The discursive program {Transformations}, accompanying the exhibition Late Polishness. Forms of national identity after 1989 along with being a critical component of it, will be implemented in the form of meetings-debates, to which researchers of culture, philosophy, social sciences, and economics as well as artists will be invited. The aim of the discussion is to analyze the processes that comprise the "transformation." In addition, the following topics will also be discussed: religions position in society, politics of memory, ecology in Polish culture as well as the role of culture, visual arts and literature in the transformation of Polish societies in the last twenty years. Transformations is to become an occasion for substantive polemicising about these complex and varied processes. Invited to participate in the discussions, amongst others, are Professor Andrzej Kassenberg, Professor Zbigniew Karaczun, Cecylia Malik, Aleksandra Jach, Professor Lechosław Lameński, Dr. Piotr Rypson, Dr. Maria Kobielska, Jakub Moroz, Dr. Paweł Rojek, Ph.D Jan Sowa, Michał Zaradny, Professor Dariusz Kosiński, Dr. Michał Łuczewski, Ph.D Dariusz Skórczewski, Professor Przemysław Czaplinski, Dr. Tomasz Plata.