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Magnificat within Other Dances

The chorus shouts, talks, hisses and whispers the powerful blow of the voices and bodies of more than twenty female performers. It is more than a decade since Marta Górnicka created the first performance of The Chorus of Women This is The Chorus of Women. Throughout, she has tirelessly reclaimed the revolutionary potential of the chorus in theatre, proposing an innovative format of performative action that combines the power of voice with the physicality of male and female performers. Above all, however, The Chorus of Women is openly feminist. This is a women‘s manifesto to not accept the social roles imposed on them. Magnificat demonstrates how the image of the Virgin Mary, one of the most fundamental images of womanhood within the Catholic Church, has been used as a way to stigmatise women. We have here a juxtaposition of the text of The Bacchae, Song of Songs, the culinary advice of Nigella Lawson and quotations from the Bible.

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