Ramona Nagabczyńska


  • In 1993, Genesis P-Orridge and his partner Lady Jaye Breyer embarked on the process of a gradual transformation of their bodies in order to achieve a state when not only would both their bodies look the same, but indeed become one. Employing a ‘cut-up technique, P-Orridge and Breyers generated a new, pandrogynic creature, whom they named Breyer P-Orridge. Their transformations can be viewed as a utopian transhumanist practice. According to Max More, one of the founders of the transhumanist movement, its essence lies in transition the instability of the human condition. In her production More, Ramona Nagabczyńska takes on board the destabilisation of the myth of individualism, as well as summoning the desire to return to a communion of intertwined bodies.

  • Cover photo: Jakub de Barbaro
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