Conceptual Reflection in Polish Art. Current Practices, Mobile Horizons

Edited by Grzegorz Borkowski

Publication Conceptual Reflection in Polish Art. Current Practices, Mobile Horizons presents contemporary strategies of artists who, due to their generational affiliation, did not participate in the formation of the conceptual trend, but consciously and not occasionally engage in dialogue with it, reach for previous experiences of discourse, without imitating the solutions of art at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. The achievements of conceptual art are revealed in the works of younger artists as a specific – developed by their predecessors – grammar of the language of art, a way of building meanings and conceptual references. This publication presents these attitudes through sequences of pages designed by thirteen artists. It includes documentation of their works, artist statements and biographical notes. The texts by Maria Anna Potocka and Grzegorz Borkowski provide a synthesizing look at the presence of the experiences of the conceptual trend in the latest Polish art.


  • Artists: Tomasz Bajer, Artur Bujak, Łukasz Guzek, Joanna Hoffmann, Zbigniew Libera, Hanna Łuczak, Sławomir Marzec, Andrzej Pepłoński, Robert Szczerbowski, Grzegorz Sztwiernia, UAI, Norbert Walczak, Ewa Zarzycka
  • Texts: Grzegorz Borkowski, Maria Anna Potocka
  • Graphic design: Barbara Kopeć-Umiastowska
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