artist’s book

Gossip Column

Edited by Adam Mazur

Everyone knows Pola Dwurnik's drawings. Everyone, or, as the French say, the 'whole world'. The world of Polish art, of course. For it is only this world, a little insular and provincial, but dynamic and promising, that interests the artist. The Column, drawn for over a year for the online art periodical Obieg, is a narrative about a strange community; a narrative about people who work in one field, but often pretend not to know each other, do not talk to each other, and steer clear of each other. Or, to the contrary, they know each other inside out, spend the day in their own and the currently trendy artists' company, addicted to art, faithful and loyal to it at every moment. Others, in turn, party endlessly, and art for them is the art of having fun. Finally, all the others, watching it all from the side or sitting in front of their computer after exhibitions, suspecting a conspiracy and craving to see it. Yes, the Column surely provides such knowledge. Who with whom, when, and, above all, about what. Pola Dwurnik knows about it all and she puts it on paper.

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