sound installation

Jerzy Kalina


Parade is another project by Jerzy Kalina, following the installation Szlaban [Barrier], in which art is tied with history and the link is an important commemoration. And yet, Kalinas projects have little to do with the celebration of anniversaries rather, the artists aim is to problematize events, discover suppressed histories, or draw attention to the ambiguity of celebrated jubilees.

Is the 8th of May a day of commemorating the end of the nightmare of World War II in many European countries really recognised by the Poles as a symbolic date celebrating liberation and the end of the horror of war? Victory Day is usually celebrated with a festive parade. Kalina proposes a different kind of ambiguous Parade.Parade of remembrance about the victory, that for many Poles was rather bitter in taste, and about the Polish soldiers who fiercely fought the enemy, and yet were treated as enemies by their allies.

The sound installation will be available to the public from 10:00, 8 May 2020 in the courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. A meeting with the participation of the artist and organizers, with confirmed attendance of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, prof. Piotr Gliński, is scheduled for 12:00. The event will take place with all appropriate precautions. The installation will be available until 10 May 2020.

The organizers of the project are the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

  • Opening
    • 08/05/2020, 12:00
    • Courtyard of the Royal Castle in Warsaw
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