Lauren Huret

Ways of Non-Seeing

Performance Ways of Non-Seeing by Lauren Huret addresses issues of a new spirituality and the irrational side of the relationship in which we enter with new media as its users. 


  • Let's imagine youre in a comfy conference room on the last floor of a shiny building. The temperature is really perfect and the view is giving you a nice feeling of floating above the city. Without noticing, you're starting to look at your phone. You didn't notice, but you've just disappeared for 20 minutes. Are smartphones some kind of weird black magic objects? Under the form of a collective experience, let's try to break the spell.
    • Lauren Huret
  • Lauren Huret's artistic practice focuses on the complex relationship between science, new technologies and mysticism. Her main interests all link back to colonization, particularly colonization of the mind. Astonished by the manner in which language and ideas spread into brains and become singular concepts of reality, she explores these modes of dissemination by looking into contemporary narratives that often seem like science fiction (artificial intelligence, global corporations or neurosciences). She mainly transmits her rants and critical phantasms about these complex domains via performance, collages, video or text. Lauren Huret has presented her work at Kunstmuseum Luzern, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Hard Hat in Geneva, Le Consortium of Dijon, Le Magasin of Grenoble, Neue Galerie in New York and Auegarten Atelier in Vienna.



Performance is realized within artist’s residency at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. This residency is co-financed by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and the City of Warsaw.