Fantasy Islands

Queer Ecologies Reading Circle

Taking the island as a topography of marooned sexuality, this meeting will draw out the affinities between a proximity to water and wetness as a quality of queer environments, and the utopian island as a shared fantasy of queer territoriality. Session led by Billy Morgan.

The Queer Ecologies Reading Circle will meet to read out loud and discuss texts from the perspective of the the newly emerging interdisciplinary field of queer ecology. This field combines such areas as ecofeminism, queer theory, human and non-human geographies, posthumanism, postcolonial theory, urban studies and feminist materialism - to emphasize the interconnectedness between the discourses on nature, ecology, the environment and the embodied politics of sexuality, gender, class and race. The new field of queer ecologies is rooted in pink and green politics and responds to the current need for intersectional and ecological critical thought and action.

The first 5 sessions will be led by architect and performer Billy Morgan under the concept of ‘Queer Placemaking.

We will begin with two introductory sessions to the concept of queer placemaking and its relation to queer ecologies. We will then traverse three terrains  En-gendered Neighborhoods and the Heterosexist City, Out of the Closets, Into the Woods & Fantasy Islands  in order to discuss how sexuality, desire and queer placemaking constitute and are constituted by their environments. These terrains will each provide a spatial typology onto which the readings will be mapped. We will read from a range of sources  from anthropological case studies to poetry, diaries and excerpts from fictive works.


  • Curator of the Kem residency

    • Michał Grzegorzek

Meeting will take place in English. There is a limited number of places available. Please send an email to confirm your participation: kemwarsaw@gmail.com

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