In Vitro + The Present + The Parrot + letter to a friend

Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review

  • In Vitro

    • directed by Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind, Denmark 2019, 28'

      • After a nuclear disaster, the abandoned nuclear reactor in Bethlehem was turned into a huge orchard. Led by scientists: the orchard's dying founder (Hiam Abbas) and Alia (Maisa Abd Elhadi), who was cloned after the annihilation, the people living underground are preparing to rebuild the city and plant crops on the surface from seeds collected before the apocalypse. The meeting of women quickly turns into an intimate dialogue about memory, exile, and the intricate relations between the past, the present and the future.


  • The Present

    • directed by Farah Nabulsi, United Kingdom 2020, 24'

      • How to go shopping when the strictly marked path to the store runs through Checkpoint 300, known for the brutality of the soldiers? The Present is both a story about a wedding anniversary gift and the present of the West Bank an apartheid system of occupation and border control as navigated day-to-day by its inhabitants.


  • The Parrot

    • directed by Darin J. Sallam and Amjad Al-Rasheed, Jordan/Germany 2016, 18'

      • After the establishment of the State of Israel is announced in May 1948, the Jewish Mizrahi family emigrates from Tunisia to Palestine. When Mousa, his wife Rachel and daughter Aziza enter their assigned house in Haifa, they are surprised to find a parrot named Saeed among the belongings of the former inhabitants. The talking parrot is the voice of the recent past that haunts the family in their new life, persistently refusing to erase the history of the days gone by.


  • letter to a friend

    • directed by Emily Jacir, Palestine 2019, 43'

      • Emily Jacir, born in 1972 in Bethlehem, West Bank, is an artist and filmmaker who is primarily concerned with transformation, questions of translation, resistance, and silenced historical narratives. In her film letter to a friend, which premiered at Berlinale, she recounts an intimate story of a house and a street in Bethlehem, unearthing sounds, images and traces from over a century.


  • Screening as part of Palestinian Films Review Personal Is Political: Film Forms of Resistance

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