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Evolution + lecture by Andrzej Marzec

  • Evolution
  • [Évolution], directed by Lucile Hadžihalilović, France/Belgium/Spain 2015, 81'
    • A small island inhabited by only women and young boys. One day, one of the boys sees a body floating in the water and begins to question the world he knows, wondering why he and the other boys need to go to a hospital. A visionary, water-based horror film about what path the evolution of mankind could take.
  • Blue Humanities
  • Lecture by Andrzej Marzec

    • Blue Humanities is a post-humanist trend embedding the history of life in the ocean. According to this theory, our planet should be called Ocean and not Earth (since water makes up 70% of the globe). Steve Mentz, one of the theoreticians of the transoceanic turn, emphasises that, in order to understand the dynamic transformations of the Anthropocene, one should move away from the static categories of green fields, gardens or fertile lands. In his considerations, the most important are the turbulent waters, which carry a constant threat of catastrophe (wrecks, shipwrecks, etc.), as well as sailors or swimmers floating on the water, constantly remaining in a menacing environment.

    • "I would like to look at the new materialistic approach to the ocean in Evolution (2015) by Lucile Hadžihalilović and show the material-discursive practices associated with it. The ocean is not a metaphor here, but rather the main character a full-fledged actor and the generator of actions. I would like to draw your attention, above all, to its creative and active agency. Its unrestricted material creativity takes on a deep, unexplored, tentacular and monstrous character in Hadžihalilovićs film the multitude of Donna Haraways Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene."

  • dr Andrzej Marzec
    • Philosopher, film critic, editor of Czas Kultury [Time of Culture], author of the vlog Widma Marca. His research interests focus on object-oriented ontology, dark ecology as well as contemporary alternative cinema. The author of the book Widmontologia. Teoria filozoficzna i praktyka artystyczna ponowoczesności (2015) [Hauntology as the Philosophical Theory and Artistic Practice of Postmodernity]. He is drawn to the visual arts, alternative cinema as well as a vision of ecology that you can think about without using the concept of "nature."
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