film review

Cinema of the Anthropocene

as part of the project Plasticity of the Planet

Can cinema save the Earth? As part of the film review Cinema of the Anthropocene at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, we are wondering whether images and technologies can help humans rebuild their relationship with the environment.

From media coverage to disaster movies, visual culture has always shaped our attitude towards nature. Under the Cinema of the Anthropocene programme, we take a look at how film artists break the human-centric thought patterns, and explore what role images can play in caring for the environment. What does the planet look like from a non-human perspective? Is man-made damage irreversible? Will the contaminated Earth be populated with new, previously unknown species? We will see both experimental cinema classics, as well as the latest productions depicting mans impact on the planet, and about the opportunities that the climate crisis can bring.

The film review Cinema of the Anthropocene is part of the Plasticity of the Planet project. This project is an attempt to confront the irreversible damage occurring to the natural environment due to human intervention. As part of the project, two exhibitions were presented at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art: Human-Free Earth and the Centre for Contemporary Nature of the Forensic Architecture research team, and also devoted to this topic was an issue of the online magazine "Obieg" titled Becoming the Earth.

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