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  • Present.Perfect.
    [Wan mei jin xing shi], directed by Shengze Zhu, China/Hongkong/USA 2019, 124
  • In China, live-streaming online platforms are an industry worth millions in 2017 alone, 422 million people were sharing their activities online. The films director edited 800 hours of material consisting of Chinese streaming videos to create a portrait of a generation, for whom the online and the offline worlds have merged into one. But Shengze Zhu is not interested in celebrities; instead, she picks her protagonists from the edges of the internet. They are people for whom online transmission is one of a few forms of communicating with others. At one point, streamers became a problem for the censorship and their activity was limited. Live transmissions are completely apolitical, they show daily business, thus saying a lot about modern Chinese society and its problems. Winner of the 2019 International Film Festival in Rotterdam.


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