This evening we will show two films that have quite a lot in common. Both are successful combinations of European, socially engaged, and independent cinema with purebred genre cinema in this case horror. Both, created by women, manifest the power inherent in carnality. However here, it is being shown from an unusual perspective. Images of women-monsters, murderers, and femmes fatales were often both in cinema as well as in culture projections of male fantasies, which were generally dark and masochistic. In the presented films, it is the women who take matters into their own hands tearing these clichés to pieces.


  • Prevenge 

  • directed by Alice Lowe, UK 2016, 88' 

    • Sometimes pregnancy literally translates into horror, especially if one of the cravings is to murder men. This directorial debut of the British actress is a perverse slasher comedy about women's power, but also about the power of pregnancy stereotypes.


  • Raw

  • directed by Julia Ducournau, Belgium/France/Italy 2016, 99' 

    • A first year female veterinary student and vegetarian from birth is forced to eat meat during hazing. From then on, her hunger cannot be satisfied. Rumors that viewers are fainting during this film are a clever marketing strategy, as is the action of one of the cinemas that gave away vomit bags before the show. And while the film is in fact a story about maturing, arising sexuality as well as relationships with women in the family, there is a grain of truth in these rumors. This film is not only a feminist manifesto, but also a very successful combination of European social cinema, which the Dardenne brothers would be proud of, with Cronenberg's body horror.


  • Tickets
    • 30 zł
    • may be purchased in the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art 30 minutes prior to screening