special screening

Soylent Green + snacks prepared by Karolina Brzuzan

[Soylent Green], directed by Richard Fleischer, USA 1973, 97' (English friendly)

  • For the grande finale of the Party’s Over project, we cordially invite you to a screening of the film Soylent Green and snacks prepared by visual artist Karolina Brzuzan. After the screening and the artistic action by Karolina Brzuzan, we invite you to a discussion Hunger, cinema, politics with the artist and special guests.
  • Soylent Green
  • directed by Richard Fleischer, USA 1973, 97'

    • A classic of the eco-apocalyptic science fiction cinema of the 1970s, with the infamous culinary twist that delights and frightens to this day. We are in the near future – a gloomy and terribly overcrowded world reminiscent of a rusty can. Natural reserves of food have long been depleted, so humanity has become accustomed to a synthetic green wafer-like food product. The mass-manufactured synthetic cubes, however, are covered in a very particular secret... Soylent Green is a film after which the word recycling takes on a new taste!

  • Karolina Brzuzan
    • visual artist. She studied sculpture in the studios of Mirosław Bałka, Jan Berdyszak, and Erwin Wurm. She is the author of the Starvation Cookbook project, a collection of recipes created and used in extreme food shortages. The purpose of the work is to look at the current economic and political causes of famine, and the starting point is what a vast part of humanity puts on their plate every day. By reconstructing the flavours and smells that people feel when they experience hunger daily, the artist attempts to find the answer to questions about the reasons for drawing up such a particular menu. Although we are able to produce enough food to meet the needs of the world's population, as a result of many political decisions (sometimes seemingly unrelated to nutrition), one-third of humanity suffers from malnutrition, and another one-third from hunger. It seems, therefore, that the fate of entire nations depends on their culinary creativity, as well as mutually shared knowledge on how to prepare meals from products seemingly unfit for consumption.
  • Her recent exhibitions include Monumentomania within the frames of the Warsaw Under Construction festival, Museum of Modern Art (2019); Lulled by Satiety at the Przemiany Festival, Copernicus Science Centre (2019); Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2017); Szalona Galeria, [The Wild Gallery], Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2016); Le livre de cuisine des affames, Teatr La Phenix, Valenciennes (2016); NOMA, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw; Cookbook głodny, Alternativa – Vernacularity, Wyspa Institute of Art, Gdańsk; Le Livre de cuisines des affames, Chantiers d'Europe festival, Théâtre de la Ville, Paris (last three 2015). Artistic residencies at the Gasworks Gallery in London (2016), La Chambre d'Eau in Le Favril (2016), Cité international des arts in Paris (2015), Center for Contemporary Art Futura in Prague (2011). In 2010, she was awarded the main prize during the 7th edition of the Samsung Art Master competition. Two time scholarship recipient from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


  • Language
    • English
    • subtitles in Polish
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