Hunger, cinema, politics

Discussion with Karolina Brzuzan, Małgorzata Sadowska and Dorota Koczanowicz

After the screening of Soylent Green and the artistic action by Karolina Brzuzan, we invite you to a discussion with the artist and special guests, Małgorzata Sadowska and Dorota Koczanowicz.

We will be talking about the politics of food and its symbolic significance for communities as well as individuals. How do you talk about it in such a way as to overcome naïve statements? Culinary cinema has been an almost separate genre or branch of the film industry for several years. There are film food reviews (including some Polish ones), and the largest international festivals have sections dedicated to culinary arts. These films, although very different, are often guided by the spirit of slow food, the joy of life as well as the celebration of bodily pleasures, but also in praise of family and community. Looking at this phenomenon through the prism of the social and economic context, one can ask, where the apotheosis of pleasure ends, and vanity and hedonism begin? To what extent can the culture built around food be a tool for building a middle-class position, and what role do films, reviews and festivals play in this, seeing as they are often combined with tastings, positioning participants in the world of culinary entertainment shows. The topic of food is also a topic about the lack of food – completely outside the hedonistic slow food narratives.

  • Admission free
  • Discussion in Polish