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It's a Wonderful Life

Odjazd Film Club meeting

  • It's a Wonderful Life, directed by Frank Capra, USA 1946, 130'
    • One of the most heartening films of all time that can soothe anyone who has lost hope.
  • George Bailey (James Stewart) has devoted his life to helping others. Together with his uncle, he runs a credit union in a small town, helping those in need to get their own home. Unfortunately, just before Christmas, the uncle loses a substantial sum of money, which puts the protagonists in serious financial problems. George has a nervous breakdown and decides to commit suicide. At the last minute, however, he meets a guardian angel who has a peculiar idea to convince George to change his mind…
    • Directed by Frank Capra, one of the most important filmmakers of the classical Hollywood cinema, It’s a Wonderful Life is a timeless tale that, years later, has earned cult film status, becoming a must-see in American homes every Christmas. No wonder, as George Bailey (played magnificently by James Stewart), an everyman fighting for the good of the community at the expense of his own happiness, is a character that is impossible to dislike. More than seventy years after its release, the film continues to entertain, move and inspire generations of viewers to reflect on the value of human life.
  • How does the film fit into Frank Capra’s work?
    • Does it uphold or deconstruct the myth of the American Dream?
  • Why do Americans watch it every year?
    • We will try to answer these and many other questions together with our club’s expert Michał Oleszczyk. We invite you to the screening and discussion, during which you will be able to ask questions and share your ideas on how to interpret the film. What do you think It's a Wonderful Life is about? We want to hear your opinion!
  • Michał Oleszczyk
    • Script consultant, lecturer at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw. In 2014-16, artistic director of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Author of the SpoilerMaster podcast. As a literary director he has worked, among others, with Canal+ (Pisarze. Serial na krótko [Writers. Series for a short time], The Office PL, Planeta singli. Osiem historii [Singles’ planet. Eight stories], Minuta ciszy [Minute of Silence]). Co-writer of the film All Our Fears [Wszystkie nasze strachy] directed by Łukasz Ronduda and Łukasz Gutt; consultant of such projects as Operation Hyacinth [Operacja Hiacynt], Too Old for Fairy Tales [Za duży na bajki]. Regular contributor to RogerEbert.com; winner of the Krzysztof Mętrak Award (2005) and the Polish Film Institute Award (2012), nominated for the Polish Film Award in the Best Screenplay category (for All Our Fears).
  • Language
    • Film in English
    • Lecture and debate in Polish
  • Screening as part of Film Club {ODJAZD}.
  • Tickets 5 zł
It's a Wonderful Life