cine club


  • {OD–JAZD} film club is an original educational and cinephilic project that, for the second time, will take its members on a great journey through the extraordinary world of cinema.
    • In a series of meetings lasting nine months, together with the participants we will discover the most outstanding and renown works in the history of cinematography, but also some hidden cinematic treasures.

  • The thematic and genre diversity of the programme will introduce the viewers to the whole kaleidoscope of film phenomena, trends and characters, making the audience fall in love with cinema and delighting them with its richness and diversity.
    • Participants will be taken on cinematic journeys by experienced experts who, in short lectures, will introduce the audience to the relevant contexts and equip them with tools to facilitate the reception of films.
  • After each screening, the experts will take part in the most important segment of the club meetings: a debate. During the post-screening discussions, each participant can share their own ideas on film interpretation and confront them with others. Both the experts and the project’s curator and debate moderator Klara Pawlicka will welcome personal feelings and independent interpretations, even the most offbeat ones. It is these collective readings, resulting from the juxtaposition of many different perspectives, that determine the unique character of the {OD–JAZD} film club; they allow the viewers to see film works reflected in many mirrors, and thus to draw even more from the treasury of cinematography.


  • {OD–JAZD} film club is an open project: participants can join at any time. There is a separate ticket sale for each of the club meetings. The price for one screening is only PLN 5.
    • With the purchase of a ticket for a screening it is possible to receive a membership card. Stamps collected in the card at each club meeting will be rewarded with a Visitor card and other surprise prizes at the end of the project.


  • The offering of the film club is addressed to:
    • – teenagers and high school students;
    • – students of filmography, culture studies and other humanities and arts;
    • – young people interested in film and its history who wish to develop in that direction, broaden their knowledge of film and audiovisual arts;
    • – people considering a career as a film critic or expert, director, actor, filmmaker, cinema owner – anyone who wishes to work in the film industry;
    • – every cinephile – the film club is an inclusive educational tool with no prior knowledge required.
  • By participating in the film club meetings and accompanying events, the viewers will:
    • – gain the competence of film reception, analysis and interpretation using established interpretative keys;
    • – gain the competence of individual assessment of the viewed cultural texts, expressing their opinion and justifying it properly, proposing new interpretations;
    • – gain the capability of placing works in a wider historical and cultural context;
    • – gain knowledge of the most important concepts and contexts related to cinematography;
    • – become familiar with exceptional artists of modern and old cinema;
    • – develop a love of cinema as an art and a means to describe the world and build valuable human relations.
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  • The first show is in October. More details soon.
  • Meetings on selected Monday evenings
  • Tickets PLN 5