Tramway Film Festival

U-jazdowski Cinema and the Fundacja Edition Spotkania foundation would like to invite you to the first edition of the Tramway Film Festival between 17-19 November.


The idea behind the Tramway Film Festival came from a personal need to fill a gap in showcasing arthouse cinema, in particular experimental, essay and hybrid film, hitherto overlooked in Poland. The festival organisers intend to create a space for the promotion of conscious, original and innovative art cinema, in particular the work of short film authors from around the world. A space that will bring the short film back to its rightful place and discover new auteurs.


‘When entering the world of the Tramway Film Festival, one must start by confronting the name. According to the dictionary definition, a tramway is an electrically powered rail vehicle used for urban transport. It moves along a track built for this purpose. Changing the fixed direction of travel is complicated and usually requires reaching a terminus or returning to the depot’, says the Founder and Festival Director, Bartosz Reetz.

‘We invite filmmakers from all over the world who have the courage, knowledge and talent to set a new direction’, he adds.


The festival serves as a meeting place on various levels. Firstly, it is meant to be a space for interactions between audiences, filmmakers and critics. Secondly, it aims to be a spot for filmmakers who take risks and make bold statements in their work. Thirdly, the event offers a space for dialogue between the past and the future of film. A space where the different cinematic traditions can meet the boldest and most innovative proposals.


At the core of the festival are two international competitions, aimed at finding and promoting emerging talents with a distinctive style and outstanding creative vision.

The Cineverso section invites directors of short feature films capable of revitalising patterns of fiction cinema and sometimes even building new ones. The Cine Sin Fine section has been designed for fiction-documentary hybrids, essays, experimental films and the avant-garde.

‘It may seem that the films presented in the two sections have nothing in common. However, we believe that fiction and experimental films are inextricably linked, and they intertwine’, adds the Founder and Festival Director, Bartosz Reetz. ‘The festival will also show films in several non-competitive sections, like the best films from a selected country or film school, a curated section of another film festival, a mini retrospective of short films by a chosen filmmaker and a special screening of feature-length films.’

Read more at the official website of Tramway Film Festival.


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Tramway Film Festival