{Performative Practice}

Workshop with Janusz Bałdyga
Space Time Presence

  • Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to a workshop with Janusz Bałdyga that accompanies Bik Van der Pol exhibition Far Too Many Stories to Fit into so Small a Box.

    • Workshop participants will work towards constructing actions and activities based on the recognition of structural and social spatial conditions. It focuses on practical knowledge of concepts such as space, space, and distance. The process takes into account the importance of permanent forms and their role in shaping human behaviour. However, it is the people and their competences that determine the basic matter of action. The body and figure assume the function of subject and object. Another goal is to identify the mechanisms for creating the language of performance art. We build a sign around the figure of performer, taking into account concepts such as body, figure, figure, trace, and memory. One of the basic concepts analysed in the workshop process is time. If we decide to take action in public space, the performer becomes the initiator of social fact. We re-evaluate concepts such as range, scale, language, and observer. Treating performance as an intermedia fact, we seek relationships (boundaries, influences, interpenetrations) with other disciplines such as sculpture, drawing, film, visual text, etc. Another problem area to be explored is related to the residue and the recording of action. We are interested in the impact the event structure has on recording strategy and the status of residue as an autonomous message.
  • Janusz Bałdyga
    • (born in 1954) studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, runs the Performance Art Workshop at the Department of Sculpture at the University of Arts in Poznań. His interests include performative art; he is the author of installations, street activities, and spatial projects. In 19761981 he co-founded the artistic group Pracownia, and since 1979 he has been associated with Akademia Ruchu. Bałdyga's work is characterized by formal minimalism and precision in the selection of means of expression. The sense of space and its conditions as well as the dynamics brought by human presence are of great importance. The artist's body becomes a structural element and a tool for describing space.
  • Dates: 14/0128/01/2020

  • Admission free

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  • Spaces are limited to 15

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