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Workshop with Jolanta Krukowska
Body Awareness

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invites to a workshop with Jolanta Krukowska that accompanies Bik Van der Pol exhibition Far Too Many Stories to Fit into so Small a Box.

The Body Awareness workshop is based on the practice of Akademia Ruchu [Academy of Movement] and extensive experience of workshops conducted with artists recognized as continuators of traditional theatre techniques, as well as people who creatively process these techniques. It contains elements of a historical workshop by Akademia Ruchu, elements of improvisation, and work with space.

Please take comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. During the workshop, we will work barefoot.

  • Jolanta Krukowska
    • performer and actor, for many years (19732014) she was associated with Akademia Ruchu, referred to as the theatre of visual narrative and visual sign, organizing actions on stage and in non-artistic spaces in Poland and around the world. Since 1986, she also works independently, performing solo, and conducting workshops. She creates works situated at the intersection of dance and performance, referring to various choreographic traditions.
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    • Eduardo González Cámara
  • Date: 19/11/201917/12/2019
  • Participation is free of charge
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  • Spaces are limited to 15
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