listening session

Radio Earth Hold

Pitch Blue

Pitch Blue is a recorded audio-essay that continues Radio Earth Hold's collective longform research into sonic solidarity. It marks a careful move away from consolidated struggles and their acoustics towards the atmospheric. Artists call on the weather to help them study, hear and sense beyond national lines and sovereign bodies. Radio Earth Hold focus is on the question, where does the body end and climate begin?

The event in English with Polish translation will take place in the exhibition space. Admission fee is included in the price of the exhibition ticket.


Radio Earth Hold

is an interdisciplinary research collective, its core members are Rachel Dedman, Lorde Selys and Arjuna Neuman. The collaboration emerged from a desire to think about transnational solidarity, drawing connections between histories of radio in Palestine, and indigenous midwifery practices in North America. This research into sound took up the medium of radio, producing and commissioning broadcasts from artists. The research has been channelled into the reading and listening group, Weather or Notexploring relationships between music, technology, the body and climatewith a network of interlocutors.


Today at U–jazdowski