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Japan Blues 
Lutto Lento
Tomasz Kowalski
Filip Lech

  • {Record Labels}
    • The independent music scene is one of the most fascinating artistic, economic, and cultural phenomena in Polish contemporary art. Independent record labels and the artists associated with them form distinct visions of musical experiments from the bottomup, and for the most part, without institutional support. This dynamically developing marvel is a counterproposal to institutionalized culture and the commercial music market. The {Record Labels} project means to show and spread the creative phenomena and attitudes reflecting the evolution and the state of Poland's independent scene. It is a kind of confrontation between tradition and modernity, presenting a broad spectrum of musical genres, as well as practices and performance techniques.

    • A record label as well as a DJ collective run by Lubomir Grzelak (Lutto Lento) and Filip Lech. Together, they try to capture fleeting musical phenomena as well as focus on music that has gone off the beaten track. They are inspired by dancehall, early music, and the indian culture of both Americas. In the discography of DUNNO we find, among others, soundtracks by Wojciech Bąkowski (Telegaz), the non-linear dance music of Piotr Kurk (Heroiny - AHH OHH), and an album dedicated to the work of Andrzej Nowak a forgotten composer of computer music in the1980s.


  • Performing during the presentation of DUNNO Recordings
    • Japan Blues

      • The project of Howard Williams, music producer, behind the label Ethbo Music, DJ, specialist in Japanese studies, and associated with London's Honest Jon's shop. On NTS radio, he conducts the show "Japan Blues," in which he presents his history of Japanese music from the 1930's to today, from jazz and psychedelia to traditional and electronic music. In 2017, he released his debut album "Japan Blues Sells His Record Collection" a heavily modified collage consisting of pre-war Japanese recordings.

    • Lutto Lento
      • Sound artist, DJ, author of theatre and film music. He has played at numerous festivals, going on many tours, including with amongst others Bonnie Prince Billy. His music can be heard on albums released by such labels as FTD, Where To Know?, Transatlantic, Proto Sites, and DUNNO Recordings. 2017 premiered Lubomir's debut album, "Dark Secret World."

    • Tomasz Kowalski
      • Painter, drawer, DJ, author of installations, plays, and sculptures. He also composes music.
    • Filip Lech
      • Music critic and DJ. In the past, he was the editor of Glissando  magazine; currently, he is the music editor of Culture.pl. He takes care of three cats. In 2013, together with Michał Urbaniak "Urbanator" and Lutto Lento, he made music for the film Tajemnica pokoju 101  (1917) ["The Mystery of Room 101 (1917)]," which was directed by Aleksander Hertz.
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    • 20 zł
    • may be purchased from 12:00 till 7:00 p.m. at the reception desk in the main hall of the Ujazdowski Castle (payment by cash, credit card or debit card) and from 9:00 p.m. at Laboratorium (payment by cash only)
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