open call to participate in an artist residency

Everyday Forms of Resistance

Open call for Palestinian, Polish, Finnish and Belgian artists in 2020

Everyday Forms of Resistance is an exchange and public programme that has come about as a result of the collaboration between Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw (Ujazdowski); Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP); Antwerp Artists In Residence (AAIR) and Mamarat AIR programme by the Municipality of Ramallah. 

This project offers annually residencies for six visual artists and looks at the role of artistic practice and mobility in the specific circumstances of Ramallah and Palestine and does this through the strategy of exchange.

The first part of the residencies (JuneAugust 2020) is open to artists from Belgium, Finland, and Poland. One artist from each of these countries will be selected to spend three month living and working in the city of Ramallah.

The second part of the residencies is open to Palestinian artists and will enable them to spend a three-month residency in Warsaw (JuneAugust 2020), Antwerp (JulySeptember 2020) or Helsinki (SeptemberNovember 2020). Each country will host one Palestinian artist.

The exchange program, modelled to encourage artists to engage in conversations among themselves and with their audiences, will culminate every two years in a series of talks and meetings hosted by one of the partners. Next edition will take place in fall 2021.


  • Conditions
    • This open call is for art practitioners working in the field of visual arts in its broadest sense. The residencies are an opportunity for art practitioners to engage with the local context to develop new artworks. 
  • A professional committee will select artists based on the professional excellence of the applicants work. The committee members are
    • Sally Abu Bakr, Director of the department Culture and Social Affairs at Ramallah Municipality; Yazid Anani, Director of the Public Program at Qattan Foundation; Khaldun Bshara, Director of Riwaq Centre in Ramallah; Juha Huuskonen, Director HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme; Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka, Head of Artistic Residencies Department at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw; Bogna Świątkowska, Head of Bęc Zmiana Foundation and Alan Quireyns, Antwerp Artists In Residence.
  • This committee will announce the results of their evaluation of the submitted applications by February 14, 2020.


  • Residency benefits include:
    • - A monthly per diem;

    • - Accomodation;

    • - Reimbursement of one return ticket to and from the place of residency;

    • - Material costs;

    • - The organisation of a public event during the residency;

    • - Organizing a customized program of study visits;

    • - Participation in the bi-annual meeting point;

  • Please note that visa fees or insurance costs connected to visa applications are not covered.
  • For more info about the residency please visit the following websites:


  • Residency at Ujazdowski will accompany an exhibition Everyday Forms of Resistance. This project investigates in its broadest sense the role of art within society and the daily use of forms of resistance in Palestine, as well as worldwide. How do we, as civilians, deal on a daily basis with the challenges of these times? What are the everyday gestures that allow us to resist, and how does art come into play? More info about the project may be found here.
  • Residencies of artists from Belgium, Finland, and Poland in Ramallah
    • JuneAugust 2020
  • Residencies of Palestinian artists
    • in Warsaw
      • JuneAugust 2020
    • Antwerp
      • JulySeptember 2020
    • Helsinki
      • SeptemberNovember 2020​
  • Submission deadline
    • 31 January 2020

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