Learning from Warsaw

A joint venture from Polish with Swiss curators and artists, inspired by the architectural classic Learning from Las Vegas: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour from 1972, introduced the perspective of learning from the emerging European city of Warsaw. During two months (AugustSeptember 2013) artists from Poland and Switzerland were working on an exhibition in a series of 2-weeks openings and interventions. The main programme was accompanied with performances and discussions. Learning from Warsaw was based in the heart of the city  former hat shop PORTHOS at 9/15 Marszałkowska Street. The Zurich edition had a form of an exhibition at Museum Baerengasse and a publication.

  • 29/0815/12/2013
  • Curated by
    • Nele Dechmann
    • Nicola Ruffo
    • Agnieszka Sosnowska
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