artistic residency: MarchMay 2019

Bik Van der Pol (Netherlands)

Since 1995, Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol have been jointly active as Bik Van der Pol. They live and work in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Bik Van der Pols working method consists in providing conditions for encounter. Once those are created, the artists develop a process which allows continuous reconfigurations of places, histories and publics. Through their practice, Bik Van der Pol strive to articulate and understand how art can produce a public sphere and space for speculation and imagination. This includes forms of mediation through which publicness is not only defined but also created.                                                                                                        

Invested in the public domain in general, shaping our physical and psychological space through rupture and negotiation, the artists ask: how, if at all, can members of the public access that space and influence its formation? How can art serve  as a ‘tool generating forms of knowledge? What factors determine access or lack thereof? How is the psychological experience of space affected by urbanisation, communication, exchange of information and mediatization of politics? Who or what is (the) public? Who ‘owns the public domain, who shapes it? Who decides, and who listens? What can art do?

Their practice is site-specific and collaborative, with dialogue as a mode of transfer, a “passing through, understood etymologically as: “speech across or between two or more people, out of which new understanding can emerge. Bik Van der Pol perceive the element of “passing through as vital: it is temporal, and implies action and development of new forms of discourse. Their practice is both instigator and a result of this method.

During their residency the artists will undertake an investigation of the collection of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. In the process they will closely collaborate with a curator Joanna Zielińska.

Having the collection close at hand, and to access all the material related to the ‘collection at large, aims to support all necessary to reimagine the art center and ist collection, and to develop a project for fall 2019. The collection of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art will be the tool while the questions mentioned above will serve as vehicles: catalysts and factors within a dynamics which is, at the same time, vast and global and extremely local. An important thread will be to verify how performative artistic practices are reflected in the artefacts collection and/or in the institutions archive. Perceiving the center as a performing institution will be the starting point for potential role distribution and the creation of a script focusing on the premise of who is looking or has received a mandate to look. A public programme will be developed during the residency to create initiated public as a form of public making and making public).

  • Curator
    • Joanna Zielińska

Film: Marta Wódz

The residency is financed by the Mondriaan Fund and the City of Warsaw.