residency: June–July 2015

Juan Duarte (Mexico/Finland)

Juan Duarte

is a media artist, since 2011 based in Finland. Born in Mexico City, with educational background in Audiovisual Media, Humanities and Cultural Studies. Currently, his work is focused on interactive and generative art using digital and analog platforms that produce engagement through art and technology artifacts. The process of Duarte's work combines Interaction Design, User experience and Media Archaeology research: the impressions provoked by his work rely on embodied and tangible experiences with sound, to be enacted in public spaces for intuitive and playful entertainment of the imaginative self.

Duarte's works have been hosted by CTM Festival 2015 (Berlin), Spiral Gallery (Tokyo), AAVE Festival (Helsinki), Bonniers Konsthall (Stockholm), Rundum Showcase (Tallinn), ICLI 2014 (Lisbon), Ljudmila (Ljubljana), Radio and TV Museum (Lahti), and Mänttä Art Festival (Finland). During his residency in Hai Art in 2013 he produced recordings with Pulsar Kite and started to develop the app: Sound Map Hailuoto, completed later on.

Currently, Juan Duarte is completing a master in New Media in Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. In this context, he reflects on the information society paradigm from the point of view of his background in media art, with a special focus on open source software and hardware technologies developed in the middle of "Do it yourself" (DIY) communities and grass root initiatives around media practices, such as locative media. In this sense, he develops his artistic practice working with cultural organizations along the New Media perspective.

Juan Duarte is a co-founder of Third Space, a non profit collective of artists and curators who work around the notion of postcolonial sociolinguistic theory of identity and community that comes to life through language or enunciation. Moreover, he is member of Pixelache - a group of artists and activists who use media practices for community development and resolution of problems of the contemporary world.

The residency has been organized in the framework of the Sound of Culture – Culture of Sound and the project has been possible thanks to the financial support of the program Creative Europe and of the City of Warsaw.