residency: March—May 2019

Simon Asencio (Belgium)

Simon Asencio

holds a BA in Soft Scupture and a MFA from HEAR (Haute école des arts du Rhin) in Strasbourg, and graduated from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. His works has been presented in De Appel Art Center (Amsterdam), Celje Center for Contemporary Arts (Celje), SAAL Biennaal (Tallinn), Goldsmiths University of London, Jan Mot (Brussels), Dutch Art Institute (Eindhoven/Arnhem), Feeelings (Brussels), Bureau des Réalités (Brussels), BAR Project (Barcelona), Immaterial (Mexico), Black Box Theater (Oslo) and the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (Warsaw). 

His practice addresses invisible choreographies, often using impersonation and the expression of doubt as means to develop, circulate and present his work. Since 2014, he has been running the immaterial gallery Galerie together with Adriano Wilfert Jensen. He is also a body for Jessicas work, a protracted performance of real-life background acting and works currently as an editor for The Book of Rumours, to be published by Divided. In 2018, he launched Memes, a series of viral texts to enable transferences of subjectivity. He joined the Army of Love in 2016.

During his residency at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, he was researching hermetic forms of speech: secret languages and jargons used by communities to communicate and organise among themselves. At the cross between vernacular poetry and underworld social choreography, the research investigated the performance of secrecy within the slippery and metamorphic capacity of language. He also co-created the first edition of To Be Real performative and music project.

  • Curator
    • Michał Grzegorzek

Film: Marta Wódz

This residency was possible thanks to financial support from the Flanders State of the Art and the City of Warsaw.