work in progress

hyslom (Itaru Kato, Fuminori Hoshino, Yuu Yoshida)

hyslom's everyday practice is a way to register (experience, learn, play) and a way to create through bodily involvement in the environment. Their work and field-plays document and fictionalize the relations between people, objects and landscapes and mutability of powers involved.

They will present documentation of their research performance. Its keyword is “itte kaette, “back and forth movement. The photographic documentation includes the images from two journeys they undertook in Poland: along the Vistula river to the sea, and a sea trip from Gdańsk to Kopenhagen and back. Both journeys are a way to practice the way hysloms “performance stone can travel there and back, but also a way to observe the themes of their practice: pigeons, horses, humans and Earth influencing each other, and other forms of power.

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