Open Studio

Open Studio comprises publicly accessible workshops, joint sessions, and presentations of artistic methods originated and applied in 2017 by resident artists of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. We invite visitors to see the backstage of artistic residency stays and of artistic work as such. There will be an opportunity to meet the artists in person and join the action by taking part in research activities, experiments, and work on the presentation of the projects.

Action is a key word when it comes to the daily practices of the artists that we will be able to meet over these two autumn days. Marek van de Watering works at the crossroads of visual arts, computer systems, and non-formal education. During his three-month residency, he observed the methods used for educating artists at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, especially inside the famous Kowalnia (the studio of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski). As a summary of his insight, he now offers us a workshop.

For the Japanese artistic collective hyslom, remaining in constant motion is a way of creating relationships with environment. Their actions  fieldplays  allow them to understand the specificity of particular places and figures, prefigure a co-existence of human-and not-human collectives. Another approach to the dynamics of artistic presence and activity will be presented by Matthias Ringgenberg as he impersonates his stage image, the PRICE. We will also be able to witness the results of a semi-annual research by the Swiss artist Elisa Storelli, who will present a time-dimesioning-focused installation; watch a film about the public, who is actively involved in the action, inspired by the performance of Alex Cecchetti, by the Flemish artist Karina Beumer; and see a preview of the project by Dorian Batycka, talk with Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett artists taking part in the Gotong Royong exhibition. We will also host special guests. With Sakiko Sugawa we shall discuss the topic of reproductive work. Action is Primary by Maria Stokłosa is an open-form show through which the artist develops her body motion improvising practice. This event, in the form of a workshop, will inaugurate our two-day program.

The Open Studio is a continuation of Public A-I-R and Laboratory on A-I-R, reflective picnics held in recent years in the park in front of the Ujazdowski Castle, as well as of the micro-festivals staged by resident artists. Revisiting those events, we want to revive the practices connected to them within a light format focused on creative presence and sharing. The Open Studio is also an open space for gathering, exchanging and practicing the skills generated by the artists, the residency institution as such, and by the cultural facility which is the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art.