performative installation

Elisa Storelli


During her residency at Ujazdowski, Elisa Storelli went to Toruń to visit one of the most precise clocks that have been built. This scientific tool is an optical atomic clock. After discussing with the scientists that have built it, the research unfolded into the history of atomic time, relativity theory and islamic atomism philosophy. In her way of associating different topics spanning from cultural habits to science, the artist became curious about the concept of continuity and started wondering about its existence.

atomistic is a staged experience in the black box of Auditorium, it is composed of a pulsing installation and a sound composition. Time Piece (seconds) is a collection of archeological time units in the realm of the second, all pulsing their durations within the space. The sound composition Neocortex designed in collaboration with Constantin Engelmann, explores the limits of auditory perception: when language become noise, when a pulse become continuous, when a sound becomes a vibration. The artists explore these phenomena and invite the public to be entertained by the illusions of the human brain.

Admission to all events during Open Studio is free of charge.